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Consulting & Advisement

In today’s world where the seller has experienced brokers working on their behalf to obtain the best deal for them, wouldn’t it be comforting knowing that you had someone working equally hard on your behalf? Here at Wellington Associates in addition to providing financial services, we also provide consulting and advisement services. So now not only can you put our knowledge of markets and instruments to work for you in financing your project but also in every aspect of your projects. This includes choosing potential locations, to the structuring of the project itself.
Some specific fields that we have expertise in are:

General Consulting & Advisement:
Are you thinking about a development project and or considering getting into the leasing business or even looking for property to help your company expand? Yet no matter where you look you’re still having troubles finding answers to your questions? We at Wellington Associates have all the answers you’re looking for when it comes to your real estate projects.

When you decide to take advantage of our consulting services you are putting our years of knowledge to work for you on every aspect of your project. If it’s development project we will work with you on site selection, project structuring, negotiating, and acquiring appropriate financing both construction and long term. Maybe you are looking for help with an already operating building, again the Associates has the experience you need on your side. With our extensive contacts in the financial industry, let us assist you in developing a plan that ensures success for your business as well as find the funding instruments the best meet all of your project needs and goals.

Even if you have an idea for a business but need a location. Not only do we have extensive contacts in the financial markets, we have equally as many contacts in brokerage and leasing companies. We can assist you in finding office, retail or even medical space. Maybe you are searching for an apartment building or a mixed use property; we got the contacts to help you with that also. Just like any other form of property, when you hire the associates of Wellington Capital we will assist you from the start till the completion of the project.

Loan Portfolio Workout:
We know many things can lead to a project halting or totally stopping, mortgage payments becoming delinquent and general loan repayment becoming more arduous. As times continue to get tougher and money becomes tighter, more and more outstanding loans are facing these bleak circumstances. However even though times are bad it is not reason why your bank shouldn’t be able to get help for your situation. Having experience working as a loan workout officer on behalf of banks through the financial crisis of thse70’s as well as the Savings and Loans crisis of the 80’s and 90’s as well as our forty years of experience working within the field. Wouldn’t you like to have the comfort of knowing your portfolio is strong so you don’t have to halt operations? With just one call you can add more reliability to your bank’s reputation by adding an additional level of expertise to your staff. Expertise that will be working on behalf of your institution, analyzing all outstanding commercial loans, providing advisement on the standing of each loans as well as working with your staff in working out any troubled situations.

Debt Consulting/Company recapitalization:
Times are incredibly hard, many of us are facing decisions we never thought we would have to make. Whether it be due to beginning an expansionary project that is costing you more than it is benefiting your company, or a business decision that hasn’t quite worked out the way it was supposed. Or even it is just that costs have just gotten out of control. As outlined in our General Consulting and Advisement section, the partners of Wellington Associates will work with you in developing and implement a strategy to recapitalize your company and negotiate down your company’s outstanding debt. Giving back to you your company that you have worked so hard to start up and run.

10 – 31 Exchanges:
Have you ever thought about selling or are you close to selling a piece of property and looking to reinvest the proceeds into another “like – kind” property, but are having trouble locating the new property to invest in? After years of locating and purchasing properties on behalf of pension funds and individual investors, the partners of Wellington Associates have the expertise that you need to ensure that your exchange is completed smoothly and on time.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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